City Wide Clean up dates

2024 Dates:

May 11th
September 14th
The event starts at 8am and runs until the the dumpsters are full (Noon-ish)

Items we cannot accept:
  • yard waste
  • hazardous waste
  • oils or paints (unless completely solidified)
  • car batteries
  • tires
  • asbestos
  • dead animal carcasses

The following items are considered hazardous waste, which is regulated by DNR and EPA and cannot be thrown in with your regular garbage. Being informed of what is hazardous will help you make safer decisions when disposing of your items. These items require special handling:

  • pesticides
  • insect sprays
  • herbicides
  • rust removers
  • swimming pool chemicals
  • batteries
  • automotive chemicals such as waxes, polish, carburetor cleaner, break fluid, gasoline, and antifreeze
  • paint thinner
  • gear oil
  • chlorine bleach
  • drain openers
  • lye
  • muriatic acid
  • hobby chemicals
  • lubricants
  • used motor oil
  • used transmission fluids
  • wood preservatives
  • corrosive chemicals
  • paint
  • paint thinner