1. Intent and Purpose of District. The “R-M” Single-Family Dwelling District is established for the purpose of low-density, single-family dwelling control and to allow certain public facilities. It is intended that no uses be permitted in this district that will tend to interfere with the health, safety, order, or general welfare of persons residing in the district or to devalue property for residential purposes. Regulations are intended to control density of population and to provide adequate open space around buildings and structures in the district to accomplish these purposes. This district varies from “R-l” primarily by the allowance of manufactured homes in the district.

  2. District Regulations. In District “R-M,” no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be erected, altered, or enlarged which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one (1) of the uses listed in the permitted uses.

  3. Permitted Uses. Dwelling, single-family.

    Dwelling, single-family consisting of manufactured homes so long as said manufactured homes meet the special regulations relating to manufactured homes set forth in Subsection (H) hereof along with all other provisions of this district.

    Dwelling, two-family. Churches.

    Publicly owned and operated community buildings. Public parks and playgrounds.

    Public schools and private schools. Gardens (non-commercial).

    Accessory use and buildings, as defined.

    Multiple-family dwellings (only by special use permit).

    Home occupations, as set forth in Article IV, Section 405.370. Day care home.

    Day care center (only by special use permit).

  4. Density of Use Regulations. Every lot or tract of land shall have an area of not less than seven thousand five hundred (7,500) square feet with an average width of not less than sixty (60) feet. (Corner lots shall be not less than eighty (80) feet in width.)

  5. Height Regulations. No building shall exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height, except that public and semi-public buildings, public service and institutional buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, and similar

    places of worship are permitted two (2) feet of additional height for each one (1) foot of additional building setback.

    1. Front yard.

      1. The front yard shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet in depth measured from the front lot line on any street.

      2. Where lots have double frontage, the required yard shall be provided on both


      3. Where a lot is located at the intersection of two (2) or more streets, there shall be a front yard on each street side of a corner lot; provided, however, that the buildable width of a lot of record at the time of the passage of this regulation need not be reduced to less than thirty-five (35) feet, except where necessary to provide a yard along the side street with a depth of not less than five (5) feet. No accessory building shall project beyond the front yard line on either street.

    2. Side yard.

      1. There shall be a side yard having a width of not less than eight (8) feet on each side of the principal and accessory residential buildings.

      2. Whenever a lot of record existing at the time of the passage of this regulation has a width of fifty (50) feet or less, the side yard on each side of a building may be reduced to a width of not less than ten percent (10%) of the width of the lot, but in no instance shall it be less than three (3) feet.

    3. Rear yard.

There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than twenty (20) feet or twenty percent (20%) of the depth of the lot, whichever is smaller.

  1. Parking Regulations. Off-street parking is not required in this district for existing structures. Any new structures shall have at least two (2) off-street parking spaces.

  2. Square Footage and Foundations. No structure, except accessory use buildings, shall be allowed in this district unless it meets the following minimum requirements:

    1. It shall have at least eight hundred (800) square feet of floor area.

    2. All structures must have a permanent foundation, except manufactured homes will be allowed without a permanent foundation if they have the following:

      1. Skirting. Each manufactured home shall be skirted within sixty (60) days after placement in the park by enclosing the open area under the unit with a material that is compatible with the exterior finish of the manufactured home and is consistent with the quality of development of the park.

      2. Blocking. All manufactured homes shall be blocked at a maximum of ten (10) foot centers around the perimeter of each manufactured home, and this blocking shall provide sixteen (16) inches bearing upon the stand.

      3. Tie-downs and ground anchors shall secure all manufactured homes to the ground. Anchors shall be provided at least at each corner of the manufactured home, and each anchor shall be able to withstand a tension force of at least four thousand eight hundred (4,800) pounds.

        The cable or other device connecting the manufactured home and anchor shall be able to withstand a tension of at least four thousand eight hundred (4,800) pounds.

      4. The tongue, hitches and wheels will be removed at the time the manufactured home is placed.

  3. Age of Structures. In District “R-M” no structure mobile home or manufactured home shall be moved into the district which was built more than ten (10) years prior to the date of its placement in the district.