1. Intent and Purpose of District. It is the intent of the “M-P” Manufactured Home Park District to permit low density manufactured home uses in a park like atmosphere where such zones are recommended by the Planning Commission and approved by the Board of Aldermen.

  2. District Regulations. In District “M-P”, no structure or land shall be used and no structure shall be altered, enlarged, or erected which is arranged, intended, or designed for other than independent manufactured homes or independent trailer house coaches and accessory service buildings. No uses shall be permitted except as set forth below in Subsection (C).

  3. Use Regulations.

    Manufactured home parks (for residential purposes only).

    Manufactures home subdivisions (for residential purposes only). Any permitted use in “R-M”.

    Home Occupations. Accessory buildings and uses.

  4. General Requirements. The manufactured home park shall have private streets, and the tracts shall be held in the ownership of the park applicant or his successor. (The individual occupants other than said applicant cannot purchase and own said tracts.) A manufactured home park must meet the following regulations and must show evidence of same by acquiring an annual license for each manufactured home park and renew same each year.

    1. The tract to be used for a manufactured home park shall be not less than two (2) acres.

    2. The applicant of the manufactured home park must satisfy the Planning Commission that he is financially able to carry out the proposed plan and shall prepare and submit a schedule of construction, which construction shall commence within a period of two (2) years following the approval by the Planning Commission and shall be completed within a period of five (5) years.

    3. The applicant for a manufactured home park shall prepare or cause to be prepared a development plan and shall present three (3) copies of said plan for review by the Planning Commission and Board of Aldermen. This plan shall show the proposed development which shall conform with the following requirements:

      1. The park shall be located on a well-drained site, properly graded to ensure rapid drainage and freedom from stagnant pools of water.

      2. Manufactured home parks hereafter approved shall have a maximum density of eight (8) trailers per gross acre and a minimum space of four thousand (4,000) square feet shall be provided for each trailer.

      3. Each manufactured home space shall be at least thirty-five (35) feet wide and clearly defined.

      4. Manufactured homes shall be so located on each space that there shall be no less than a five (5) foot setback from any manufactured home space boundary and that there shall be at least a twenty (20) foot clearance between manufactured homes; provided however, that with respect to manufactured homes parked end-to-end, the end-to-end clearance shall not be less than fifteen (15) feet. No manufactured home shall be located closer than twenty- five (25) feet from any building within the park or from any property line bounding the park.

      5. All manufactured home spaces shall front upon a private roadway of not less than twenty- seven (27) feet in width, which shall have unobstructed access to a public street, alley, or highway. Thirty (30) feet of private roadway shall be required where parking is allowed in the roadway.

      6. Walkways not less than thirty (30) inches wide shall be provided from the manufactured home spaces to the service buildings.

      7. All roadways and walkways within the manufactured home park shall be hard- surfaced and adequately lighted at night with electric lamps.

      8. Laundry facilities may be provided in a service building.

      9. A recreation area shall be provided at a central location in the manufactured home park area at the rate of two hundred (200) square feet for each trailer space up to five (5) trailers, thence one hundred (100) square feet per trailer thereafter.

      10. A solid or semi-solid fence or wall at least six (6) feet high, but not more than eight (8) feet high, and a ten (10) foot landscaped buffer which shall consist of trees, shrubs, evergreens, and grass shall be provided between the manufactured home park district and any adjoining property or property immediately across the street which is zoned for residential purposes. Said fence or wall shall be placed a minimum of ten (10) feet from the boundary of the “M-P” District (the interior line of the ten (10) foot landscape buffer) and shall not be reduced in height, but shall be so located as to observe the intersection sight triangle as defined by this regulation. The fence or wall and landscape buffer shall be properly policed and maintained by the owner.

      11. A manufactured home park shall not be used for other than residential purposes. Manufactured homes may be offered for sale in the manufactured home park only by resident owners.

      12. Skirting. Each manufactured home shall be skirted within twenty (20) days after placement in the park by enclosing the open area under the unit with a material that is compatible with the exterior finish of the manufactured home and is consistent with the quality of development of the park.

      13. Blocking. All manufactured homes shall be blocked at a maximum of ten (10) foot centers around the perimeter of each manufactured home, and this blocking shall provide sixteen (16) inches bearing upon the stand.

      14. Tie-downs and ground anchors shall secure all manufactured homes to the ground. Anchors shall be provided at least at each corner of the manufactured home, and each

        anchor shall be able to withstand a tension force of at least four thousand eight hundred (4,800) pounds. The cable or other device connecting the manufactured home and anchor shall be able to withstand a tension of at least four thousand eight hundred (4,800) pounds.

  5. Service Buildings.

    1. Service buildings, if provided, housing sanitation and laundry facilities, or any such facilities, shall be permanent structures complying with all applicable regulations and Statutes regulating buildings, electrical installations, and plumbing and sanitation systems.

    2. All service buildings, if provided, and the grounds of the park shall be maintained in a clean, sightly condition and kept free of any condition that will menace the health of any occupant or the public or constitute a nuisance.

    3. Service buildings and parking related to the service operations shall not occupy more than five percent (5%) of the area of the park and shall be located, designed, and intended to serve frequent trade or service needs of persons residing in the park and shall present no visible evidence of their commercial character from any portion of any residential district outside the park.

  6. Parking Regulations. Off-street parking is not required in this district for existing structures. Any new structures shall comply with the City of Seligman requirements of the Article on parking and loading regulations.

  7. Sign Regulations. No more than one (1) sign not exceeding twenty-four (24) square feet shall be allowed to advertise the manufactured home park.

  8. Age of Structures. In District “M-P” no structure mobile home or manufactured home shall be moved into the district which was built more than ten (10) years prior to the date of its placement in the district-.

  9. Recreational Vehicles. In District “M-P” recreational vehicles shall be allowed to occupy manufactured home lots for a period of ninety (90) consecutive days and for no more than one hundred eighty (180) days in a calendar year without meeting the requirements of Subsection (D), Subparagraphs (3)(1), (m) and (n), specifically relating to skirting, blocking and tie downs. Recreational vehicles may be allowed for more than ninety (90) consecutive days or one hundred eighty (180) days in a calendar year with a special use permit.