Intent and Purpose of District. The “C-l” Central Business District is intended for the purpose of grouping retail merchandising activities into a concentrated area servicing the general shopping needs of the trade area. Principal permitted uses include department stores, apparel stores, general retail sales and services, and similar uses appropriate for comparison shopping. The grouping is intended to strengthen the business level of the central business activity.

  1. District Regulations. In District “C-1”, no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be altered, enlarged, or erected which is arranged, intended, or designed for other than one (1) of the uses listed below in Subsection (C).

  2. Permitted Uses. The retailing of goods and services, public and semi-public uses, and family residences are permitted. Specific uses allowed are:

    Any use permitted in “R-1”. Barbershop.

    Beauty shop. Retail store. Restaurant. Professional office.

    Bank or financial institution. Insurance office.

    Medical clinic. Art galleries. Craft shops.

    Any other uses which the Board of Aldermen may allow under a special use permit under Article V of this Chapter.

  3. Intensity of Use Regulations. No requirement, except those to meet fire regulations.

  4. Height Regulations. A building may be erected to any height not in conflict with other regulations.

  5. Yard Regulations.

    1. Front yard. No front yard is required for any building in the “C-P Central Business


    2. Side yard. No side yard is required for any building in the MC-1M Central Business


    3. Rear yard. No rear yard is required for any building in the “C-l” Central Business District.

  6. Parking Regulations. Off-street parking is not required in this district for existing structures. Any new structures shall have at least one (1) parking spot for each five hundred (500) square feet or fraction thereof of floor space.

  7. Square Footage and Foundations. No structure, except accessory use buildings, shall be allowed in this district unless it meets the following minimum requirements:

    1. It shall have at least eight hundred (800) square feet of floor area.

    2. It shall have a roof with a slope of at least 5/12.

    3. Its width cannot be less than forty percent (40%) of its length or its length cannot be less than forty percent (40%) of its width.

    4. It must have a permanent foundation.